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Studio Website Setup

Customized service and a customized website for your one-of-a-kind Digital 360.

As a part of our Digital 360 studio services, we work to design, develop, and deliver a website that is true to your brand and vision.

Your website is your digital home, and Studio Website Setup complements Digital 360 services to elevate your brand transformation. This one-on-one setup is customized to your exact needs, creating a seamless process that fits your business.

From foundational copywriting to full-scale branding, a Studio Website Setup delivers everything you need to build a completely custom digital experience.


  • Ensure every detail is taken care of with a completely customizable Studio Website Setup
  • Receive a custom website platform to act as the foundation of your online universe
  • Enjoy personalized services tailored to your unique business and brand needs
  • Access exclusive services including branding, copywriting, and more for a full-scale transformation

What’s Included?

  • Custom website design and development on the WordPress platform
  • Access to branding, copywriting, and other Teakie Care add-ons
  • Setup of social media and newsletter links
  • Website migration to WordPress theme (if applicable)
  • Domain Name System (DNS) setup
  • Ongoing digital management of your website according to your Teakie Digital plan

Our Process

  • Invest in a Digital 360 and chosen Teakie Care add-ons
  • Customize your WordPress premium theme
  • Launch!


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