Premium Website Setup Service

C$499.00 – Free!

The Premium Website Setup package is included complimentary with all Management plans.

Do you have your own branding and content ready for your website? Want to create a new website (or keep your existing one) but get all the benefits your Digital Management plan provides?

Take the hassle out of your website setup and simplify your digital upkeep.

This product can only be purchased by members. See description below.



  • Start your digital experience with a premium website setup package
  • Experience complete website migration to WordPress for those with existing websites
  • Choose from one of many available complimentary themes that fit your business, your aesthetic, and your needs
  • Easy installation and setup of social media and newsletter links to ensure your clients don’t miss a thing
  • Stress-free experience with a team of professionals ready to take care of every detail

What’s Included?

  • 1x Premium WordPress theme
  • Installation of WordPress theme
  • Social media and newsletter link setup
  • Website migration to WordPress theme (if applicable)
  • Domain Name System (DNS) setup
  • Ongoing digital management (according to your digital management plan)

Our Process

  • Choose your setup service (Premium, Advanced or Studio)
  • Upload your content, branding, and personalize your website
  • Launch!