Welcome to Teakie

Build Your Universe

As entrepreneurs and people, we’re in a constant state of self-improvement, growing towards our greatest selves; and along the way, we can unleash the potential that has been here all along.

Our vision is to be a long-term, supportive and strategic partner throughout your journey, crafting powerful solutions that make you feel as though every possibility is within reach, inspiring you to reach your greatest heights; to be your greatest self.

About Teakie

Throughout our work over the last three years, our main purpose has always been clear: To help people do work they love. Over time, we’ve come to realize that it’s even bigger than that. We’re here to help you reach your greatest potential.

Teakie.com is an online platform of products, tools and services designed to help you build and grow a powerful and polished digital presence.

Along with our Academy, Directory and Shop, we support businesses and brands through monthly digital brand management. We provide our members with ongoing creative, strategic and technical support across all stages of their online journey.

We also offer services for custom, large-scale and strategic projects through our Studio. To learn more, please visit our corporate website here.